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    Friend Request 2016

    A popular social college student wishes to make friends online request, but a struggle with the presence of demons to make that does not kill ruin friends. A popular university student Marcus (Lucas, Alycia Debnre) a lot of friends, both on Facebook and IRL. He received a friendly online request from a friend Marina (Liesl Ahlers) until she crossed the line connecting the Marina and Cornelius. For each hub, Marinaaccipit designed the sacred atormentarLaura, so that, I see,that appears in the mold poured from it in Laura. Creepy Mark, now begin to appear, but I do not see who your content is written with the page, or begin to bring your Facebook down by the act. With in real life friends begin mysterious deaths and cruel to die, Marcus must figure out how to break the curse before the deadly song.

    As a student in your life universitatespopularibus enjoy Marcus as she shares more than 800 on Facebook herFriends. But one day after receiving lawyer friend is a petition of deaths and the bitterest lives of a society called the saint, and that he and a great offshore, Laurus is cursed, they begin to bring to death. Before her time, Marcus must break his secret behind the marina and Facebook profile of the spell is fatal.

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