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    Friend Request 2017

    Enjoying the life of a university as a well-known student, Laura shares more than 800 people with her friends. But one day, after receiving a friend called Lauras, he nourished his life and killed his nearest friend. Before spending time, Laura needs to leave Marina and her Facebook profile to break mysterious spelling.

    The University’s famous student’s approval is a friend of Lagun, but the democrats who want to do so instigates a fighter, who killed his nearest friends. Laura is famous (Alycia Debnam-Carey)Many friends on Facebook and IRL. Fortunately, Marina’s social accusations (“Liesl Ahlers”) cross the Marina and love Laura. Everyone is surprised that Marina holds her life rituals to show Laura’s torture in the movie called Laura. Although Lauren published the movie or any other content that appeared on her website she did not share her friends Facebook reduced When life starts killing real friends with mysterious and cruel deaths, you must understand how to understand how to kill Laura’s deadlybefore it’s too late.

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