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  • Interest Rates and Loan Fees are determined by the loan program, borrower's credit score, down payment, etc. It is virtually impossible to post an accurate interest rate that covers every loan.

    If you would like an interest rate and fee quote, please send a text to 801-360-0882 or an email to aspenmort@gmail.com with 'Quote' in the subject field. Please include the following information:

    • Loan amount
    Purchase or Refinance
    • Property Type - Primary Residence, Second Home, Investment Property
    • Loan Length - 30 year, 25 year, 20 year, 15 year or 10 year
    • Loan Program - Conventional, FHA, Rural, VA, Reverse Mortgage

    We will respond to your request within an hour of receipt of your email and send you a fee sheet with the day's interest rate and fees that apply to the loan scenario you need. This is a free service from us to you.

    This is a service to you. You can rest assured that we won't contact you after we send you your quote unless we have a question about your request or you contact us for more information. We won't market you for a loan.


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