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    MS Office 2013

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    What’s new: What’s new:

    When you open Microsoft Office, you will see a fresh and fresh design right away. However, all the old and known features have not disappeared and have been supplemented by new ones that help to work more efficiently. New Office programs can alsoused on a smartphone, tablet, and regional environments, even on computers without a specific Office set. Important files are now available wherever you are and on any device or use.

    KoristenjeKancelarijataz of any place

    Install Office using the accountMicrosoft Record.

    huurlingOffice program on another computer.

    Save files to SkyDrive for easy access and sharing.

    Use your personalized setting, regardless of where you are.

    Save and share files in the cloud. Cloud storage is availableat any time during internet connection. Now you can easily store Office files on SkyDrive or on the organization’s website where you can work with Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and other Office files and make them available to other users. You can even work for anotherfile at the same time.

    Joint meeting. Join the online meeting and use PowerPoint slides, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and OneNote notes.

    Participants can view files even if they do not have an installed Office suite.

    More options have been started. Instead of downloadingfile you can have the last file or selected select a template. With OneNote, you can log in and unlock laptops from the Internet or computer.

    Easily store and unlock. You do not need more views and dialogs. You will see the most popular folders at the same time. You can also fix ita location that has always been available.

    Simplified file sharing. All settings for sharing files that are collected in Office programs in one place, which can be accessed through the tab. To select a file, click the Share button.


    The installation is originalMicrosoft Office 2013 is a reinstallation of the installation program with built-in three languages ​​(English, Russian, Ukrainian) and additional tools that can simultaneously simplify the installation and configuration to some extent.

    General information:

    Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian Activation: KMSAutoLite from Ratiborus Optional: Control tab – switch between files using tabs (and browser)

    There will be a quiet installationcompleted with use. Msp file (MSP folder), and if necessary, you can configure it in the OCT. Detailed information on using OCT can be found on the following pagesLinks: During installation, it is recommended to turn off an antivirus solution. The process will take place faster, and the chance of successful activation will be greatly increased.

    Set quiet * (used) parameters:

    / O86U – install stilOffice (x86) with updates

    / O64U – Quiet Office installation (x64) with upgrades

    /O86N – Quiet Office (x86) installation without updates

    / X64) / V64N – silent installation of Visio (x64) without updating / V64N – silent installation of Visio (x86) without upgrade / V64N – silent installing Visio (x86) with upgrades / V64U – x64) without upgrades / P86U – silentproject x86 update upgrade / P64U silent installation project x64 with updates P86N project installation x86 without upgrades P64N silent Install Project (x64) without upgrades / UP2013 -The upgrade installation / KMS – activation / TAB – install the Office / S tabs – hide the progress window Example team/ O86U / V86N / KMS / TAB InstalirajOffice update with x86, x86 Visio without updating, product activation, and installation of the Office tab. To obtain an unwanted version (EXE GB) of the same lanceringis as follows: -y-No GM2 “% TEMP% OFFICE2013” / O86U / V86N / KMS / TAB

    The file name must be replaced with the correct one.

    * Install products not at the same time from the otherbit (Office x64 Visio and x86)

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