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    AIMP Skin Editor v3


    For some reason I think that many of you, including me, listen to music on AIMP computer programs, and in fact I’ve forgotten that listening to music on your computer, on the Internet is everything, but however the player is well known, one of the best, in my opinion. I do it for the sake of Just, likes to change skin, skin or environment, calling what you want, the network can find many things, but you can do it yourself, for this andYou need AIMP Skin Editor, which is presented in this article.

    After starting the program, will allow the user to create his own ability for this player, the course should have some skills, I do not think a beginner can understand, but everything is in your hands. This editor has the tools needed to work in general, it’s like a bit of Photoshop, and of course much less functionality, but also because it’s just a jail for a specific task.


    License: FreeWare

    Russian language

    Size: MB

    OS: Windows amp; amp; AIMP3

    How to install:

    1). Instruction is included in the requirement.

    2). All, Done and Enjoy.

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